Participate in your horse’s conversation

Something important to remember when working with horses that you should give them the chance to participate in the conversation, too.

It shouldn’t be you talking all the time, giving the horse no chance to pitch in.

And it also shouldn’t be you letting the horse talk over you all the time, dictating when you can or can’t speak.

I coached Melissa and Gorelja through their first free conversation together. You can find their session in this blog!

Enter the conversation space

Depending on the type of horse, you start by creating or redirecting energy.

In this session, Melissa really had to motivate Gorelja to match her energy levels.

Through interaction, like looking at each other, turning, and stopping for a scratch, you build the interaction between you and your horse.

You can watch that progress in the video below:

Interact with your horse

When you have your horse focusing on you, you’ll notice they will start to match their energy levels with you.

Through joining in with you, they’ll find that interaction with you is fun, enjoyable, and rewarding.

It gives her the opportunity to also bring something to the conversation.

You can see that interaction in the video below:

Build on the natural dialogue

When conversing with a horse freely, it’s important that you don’t influence the direction of the conversation.

It annuls any kind of expectation from your side, exchanging it for appreciation.

You want to try and follow the natural flow of the horse’s language and dialogue.

Because when it’s naturally there, it can grow by itself.

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