Are you making or teaching the piaffe

Are you making or teaching piaffe? As a Grand-Prix rider and horse trainer, I’ve seen many horses do a piaffe.  However, only a handful of them mastered it in a way that is sustainable for their bodies. A well-executed piaffe should look so easy that it seems like the horse could do it all day. The movement […]

Starting a pushy and curious 2 year old

Starting a young horse Roxy: A pushy and curious horse I had a first training session in our indoor arena with Roxy the other day. Roxy is a soft and curious 2-year-old.  Because she’s young and I worked with her for the first time, she’s not really aware of where she is within the space […]

Sarah’s journey within TRT Method

Sarah’s journey within TRT Method Sarah’s horse, a brumby, had a rocky start. As she felt she needed something to help her horse, Sarah stumbled upon TRT Method during COVID, and it was a real game-changer. ”TRT delves into the human experience and the internal journey mirrored in our horses.” For Sarah, it meant stepping […]

TRT Rescue – The Frustrated Horse That Wants To Dominate

TRT Rescue #S1E2 The Frustrated Horse That Wants To Dominate In this episode of TRT Rescue, we meet a very frustrated horse who wants to dominate people. He is showing this behavior, particularly to people who are not quite certain what to do when working with him. Owner Britt was near desperation when her horse needed treatment […]

Free conversation

Free conversation When working in, what we call our free conversation within the TRT Method, keep in mind to let them join the conversation, too.  It’s not about you doing all the talking and leaving no room for your horse’s voice. At the same time, don’t let the horse take the reins in the conversation, […]

Are our horses healthy?

REPLAY CLINIC @HORSE WELFARE WEEK Are our horses healthy? Last week, I gave a clinic at the Dutch KNHS about horse welfare. Are our horses healthy? And what makes them happy and fulfilled? Here’s my answer: 👇 No more Spooking and Tension under saddle Lifetime Access to the Groundwork Module Lifetime Access to the Tools […]

Starting young horses the right way

The horse that 'couldn't' be started under saddle Starting Young Horses The Right Way This is Ocamilla, a beautiful young mare that I met at the first session of TRT Summer Nights a couple of weeks ago.  She had a traumatic experience when she was started under saddle. Her owner couldn’t ride her anymore.  In […]

Overcoming trauma from being started under saddle

Overcoming trauma from being started under saddle Starting a young horse under saddle is not an easy feat, no matter how easy-going your horse is. It always takes time and a gentle approach. But what do you do if during that process something happens? What do you do if your horse has a traumatic experience? […]

How to safely put on fly spray

How to safely put on fly spray Summer heat, long days, and many flies and bugs. How do you protect your horse if they’re afraid of fly spray? It’s all about teaching your horse the elements that are involved. Step #1: Give your horse the right foundation Before you approach with the spray, it’s important […]

Three steps to prepare for a relaxed summer swim

Three steps to prepare for a relaxed summer swim We’ve all seen them: videos where horses leap into a body of water, hauling their rider with. But how do you teach your horse to step in confidently, without pressure? I’ll explain all the steps so you and your horse can cool down happily  this summer. Step […]