The do’s and don’ts of entering a competition ring

The do’s and don’ts of entering the competition ring We’ve all seen the dressage disaster videos where a dressage rider enters the ring and the horse spooks and exits stage left. It’s a situation no one wants to be in. But how can you resolve it? What can you do to ensure that your horse […]

Working with a horse with only one eye

Blacky is an eight-year-old gelding. His eye had to be surgically removed due to moon blindness.

What used to be a very steady and easy horse, was turned into an insecure and sometimes really spooky horse ever since his eye was removed.

He is particularly sensitive to sounds when riding. The left side where he can still see is the most sensitive one.

Teaching your horse to stand relaxed in cross ties

Teaching your horse to stand relaxed in the cross ties There are many horses that feel tense and uncomfortable in the cross ties, who don’t want to enter the space, who struggle, who protest. The anxiety can also be disguised – impatient pawing on the floor, weaving or even whinnying. For some horses, the cross […]

How to control your own level of tension

How to control your own level of tension when your horse spooks If you have a horse that’s a little bit nervous or that’s prone to spooking, your anticipation to that spook is creating tension in your body. It’s a natural reaction, but it will definitely create tension and anticipation in your horse’s body as […]

When your horse pushes into you and lacks balance [video]

When your horse pushes into you and lacks balance The first thing I do when I get a horse in for training is to take notice of the dynamic between the horse and the owner.  What’s important here is to not just look at the horse alone. And to not only focus on solving the […]

Goal setting for the new year – what’s really important to you?

Setting Goals for the New Year What is really important to YOU? We are often led to believe we should be doing a certain thing with our horses. In a certain way, at a certain level, in a certain amount of time. These beliefs have been congregated over time from past experiences, memories and knowledge […]

Participate in your horse’s conversation

Something important to remember when working with horses that you should give them the chance to participate in the conversation, too. It shouldn’t be you talking all the time, giving the horse no chance to pitch in.