How double lunging can help your young sensitive horse

Double lunging young and sensitive horses is a great way to help them feel much more comfortable and confident in the connection to the bit.

What to do when your horse jumps off the trailer ramp

Does your horse jump off the ramp of the trailer and do you not know how to solve that problem? Follow me as I help a young horse overcome his fears of the ramp.

What to do on your first ride in the outdoor arena [video]

When starting young horses, there will come a time where you go out to ride in a big, open-air arena for the first time. Or maybe you’re entering a new and perhaps challenging environment with your older horse. What is the best way to handle that?

When your horse is pushy

What do you do when your horse is pushy and doesn’t respond to your cues? I recorded a little video with a young stallion to show you the dos and the donts.

Riding your young horse is not the end goal

When starting your young horse, it’s an excellent moment to give your horse the tools they need to be successful in our human environment, but also to show them how to manage themselves.

Motivate your horse!

A horse that is very laid-back and maybe extremely lazy, often struggles to get himself motivated. How do you get those horses to be in control of themselves, how do they learn to give themselves a feeling of having energy, of being athletic, of being something that is feeling good? That’s where my Groundwork Wednesday comes in!

Leading any horse safely

Leading your horse safely is vital when you have a hot horse or work with a lot of different horses. So I set out and recorded a video to show people how what I do to lead my horses anywhere safely and how to respond when your horse has a lot of energy and wants to run over you.

horse spooking at scary corner

Spooky corner in the arena? Here’s how to pass it!

We’ve all had a horse not wanting to go near a scary corner, the door or the sun spots on the ground. Here’s a step by step how I handle these situations!


Paddock anxiety: how to help your horse relax

Not all horses are able to enjoy their grass with peace of heart and mind. Being out in a paddock is stressful for them, especially when the pasture’s new or when horses leave around them. But how can you help your horse?

loading your horse on a side van

Going into the trailer isn’t the goal

Is your horse tense while being in the trailer? Getting her in the trailer isn’t the end goal. Make sure she is trailer loading in the right way.