Hold your horses!

Before you get started, I have something for you...


Getting on the Magical Way module

Get access to my step-by-step mini training where I teach you and your horse to line up with the mounting block. It’s an easy activity that you can learn within a day!

€29 for €14

Teaching your horse to park at the mounting block

Teach your horse to park at the mounting block

We never move the mounting block in our arena. I always teach my horses to self-park so I can get on. No chasing, no holding, no force.

I want my horses to present me with the saddle as if asking me: “Here you are, you can get on and ride!”

Because your horse understand what he’s doing and what’s going to happen next, you start your ride from a position of rest.

And it’s a cool trick to show off to your friends. 😉