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Spooky Horse Challenge



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Frequently asked questions, answered.

To get the best results we do advise you to work with your horse daily. Don’t worry, they’re short exercises, and you can even combine some in a pinch. 

The Challenge lasts 14 days. But we understand that you don’t have time to train each day, so if you want to keep the videos for a longer amount of time, you can choose for the lifetime access option. 

Yes! The Challenge is designed to be followed with no experience. However, it’s still incredibly valuable even if you are experienced, as you can check which parts of the training your horse can improve on. 

You can keep riding like you’re used to if you want to, but for the best results we do recommend to stick to the groundwork for these two weeks. We’ll guide you back in the saddle at the end of the Challenge. 

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Get immediate access to the challenge and get started with the videos to give your horse a better life. They’ll be the excellent way to put the free training you’ve gotten to its best use!

10x Step-by-step Exercises

I’ll explain my method in bite-sized and easy to follow videos.​

2x Mindset Exercises

You’ll figure out what your horse needs to feel relaxed.​

3x Mini Challenges

Track your progress and see how far you’ve come during the challenge.​


Keep track of your progress and pick up where you left off.


in our TRT Online Community and share your experiences.


Clear and detailed videos in which Tristan teaches you the steps of the course.


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Spooky Horse Challenge

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