TRT Podcast #18: Sitting down with vaulting champion Kai Vorberg

TRT Podcast Episode 18 Sitting down with vaulting champion Kai Vorberg In this podcast I am joined by the very successful vaulter, Kai Vorberg. We’re talking about his career, his past, his core memories, and much more. And of course, talking about his Olympic horse Picasso can’t be left out. Listen to the entire podcast […]

TRT podcast #17: 5 keys to SUCCESS as an equestrian

TRT Podcast Episode 17 5 keys to SUCCESS as an equestrian Ever wondered what factors have allowed me to have a successful online training business, masterclasses and relationships all over the world? Join me on the next episode of the TRT Podcast, where I talk you through the five most important attributes I’ve discovered to […]

Haltering a difficult horse

Haltering a difficult horse Do you have a horse that puts his head up when trying to put the halter or bridle on? Here’s how you can turn it around and teach your horse to lean into the halter. Step #1: Lower the tension First, start by making your horse aware where he’s holding […]

Training with distractions

Training with distractions How do you approach the groundwork when you don’t have a quiet, enclosed indoor arena?  Or when the only space where you can train is a small patch of grass? In actuality, you might actually make more progress than someone training in an indoor. I explain why in the video below 👇

Ground shyness

Solving ground shyness It’s not about the spooky thing Tire tracks. A scary corner. A ray of sunlight, or even a speck of straw: it can be enough to spook our horses. It’s natural to think that these things are the cause of our horse’s tension, so removing the object will remove the tension, right? […]

Don’t ride when you can’t touch

Don’t ride when you can’t touch When I met Nina, her owners told me she was tense under saddle. The traditional fixes didn’t seem to work. We took a step back and approached the training without a saddle. The tension wasn’t just under saddle. If you can’t touch all the areas where the saddle […]

Handling grumpy faces

How to deal with grumpy faces What do you do when a horse comes at you with their ears pinned and their teeth bared? And how can you safely change the behavior? The biggest mistake we can make is to ignore the horse whenever they’re making a face.  It might just be a habit your […]

TRT Podcast #16: How to become a competent horse person

TRT Podcast Episode 16 The SECRET to becoming a COMPETENT horse person Wondering what it really means to be competent in the horse world? How can you measure your skills and improve your abilities to benefit both yourself, your horse, and fellow equestrians? Join me on the next episode of the TRT Podcast, where I’ll […]

Birthday giveaway – day four

BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY #4 Win an online 1-on-1 Coaching with me! 🥳 Today is the last day of my Birthday Giveaway!  Today you have a chance at winning an online 1-on-1 coaching session with me. How can you win?  Let me know below how TRT method has helped you ór, if you don’t have any experience […]

Birthday giveaway – day three

BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY #3 Win the TRT Piaffe Kit and TRT Rope Halter! 🥳 It’s the third day of my Birthday Giveaway!  Today you have a chance at winning the TRT Piaffe Kit ánd the TRT Rope Halter.  How can you win?  Solve the puzzle below and leave your name and email address. Friday, on my […]