Do you have any lingering questions?

Read the most frequently asked questions and our answers to them below.

Is your question not included, or would you like a personal answer to your question? Feel free to email us at and we’ll answer your question as soon as we can.

Do you have any lingering questions?

Read the most frequently asked questions and our answers to them below.

Is your question not included, or would you like a personal answer to your question? Feel free to email us at and we’ll answer your question as soon as we can.

More on the online training

Desensitizing is getting a horse used to something, meaning that you do it over and over until your horse doesn’t respond anymore.

But we want to awaken the horse’s intelligence and get him to understand the answers in all situations. We don’t want that the horse doesn’t respond, but that he has awareness in his body when he is presented with something that he’d normally be afraid of.

So we teach him the right order of movement and a position of control. We show him how to feel confident in a moment of pressure, which gives the horse a feeling of empowerment that he can fall back on when he comes across something else he finds challenging at a later point in life.

We love some avid students! The groundwork patterns of the TRT Method do not interfere with other types of training. We’ve got several TRT members who also actively work on other training methods! If anything, they can enhance them and make the horse feel even more comfortable in their own body. If you like, you can change the vocal cues to some of the patterns so your horse can differentiate them a little better, but that’s totally up to you.

If your horse is old enough to walk, he’s old enough to learn! In fact, it’s good to start when they’re young as you can hand your horse invaluable lessons to help them feel more confident and secure in life. We do recommend short sessions and lots of breaks so the horse gets all the time they need. As for training content, there’s even a video on foal handling and an entire module on starting a young horse under saddle.

The TRT Method is specifically designed to give horses the tools they need to feel confident and relaxed in any environment. That also includes your nervous, spooky, or jumpy horse. Actually, there are many horse owners on the TRT Method community who’ve helped their nervous horse feel more confident through the TRT Method.

If a horse has never been shown a different way to respond, he won’t know how to change. It’s a habit that’s ingrained in him, an instinct that tells him to fight or flight. It’s exactly why this method was created, to build a different way of communication between our horses. To show horses that they can feel confident and relaxed by following certain patterns in their mind and body. This method is a way to teach that to your horse — even if he’s been like that for years.

Absolutely! There’s plenty of other material like teaching the piaffe, a flying change, the bow, lining up to the mounting block, stretching exercises, an elevated trot… you name it! All those modules are based on the philosophy that you work with a horse without any force or pressure.

More on the different modules

TRT Method is divided in three Foundation Modules:

  • Groundwork module
  • Tools module
  • Riding module

The other modules are divided in separate courses:

Reduce Tension Course

  • Trailer loading
  • Compete stress-free
  • Horse shyness
  • Separation anxiety
  • Leading to the field
  • Clipping
  • Going in and out of the stable
  • Fireworks training
  • Off the horse course

Young Horses Course

  • Starting a young horse
  • Foals and yearlings
  • Preparing for the farrier

Schooling Course

  • Piaffe 
  • Double lunge
  • Flying changes
  • Connective energy
  • Free conversation
  • The bow
  • Lifting front legs
  • Getting on the magical way
  • Climbing wall

We also offer the following singular courses:

  • Preparing the perfect pony
  • Master your mindset
  • Off the horse riding course

If you want to know more about what the specific modules offer, have a look at our What You’ll Get page.

That depends on the membership option you pick! If you pick either of the three courses, or get access to a singular course, you’ll get access to the videos listed under said course in the answer above.

If you’re looking for the courses included in the full, TRT Method membership, you’ll get the following:

  • Reduce Tension Course
  • Young Horses Course
  • Schooling Course
  • Preparing the Perfect Pony

The only two courses that are sold separately are: 

  • Master your Mindset
  • Off the Horse Riding Course

TRT Method is developed around the basic principles of teaching your horse to manage himself in all situations.

You’re giving them the tools they need to be successful in moments they feel insecure or scared.

That includes any problem you’re experiencing with them at this moment, even if it’s not listed above.

If you’re still not sure how to incorporate the groundwork and the tools with your horse, you can always ask for Tristan’s advice during the Live Q&A!

There’s a monthly Live Q&A with Tristan himself in which you can forward your question and video. He’ll watch it and answer your question while giving you tips and pointers to focus on. Many members find this very useful!

More on the platform

TRT Method is an online platform and at the moment it’s only possible to access and watch the videos with an active internet connection.

At the moment there are no subtitles on the training videos of TRT Method.

Welcome, Rookie! Don’t worry, the online program is set up in a way that guides you naturally through the content. But even if you still find yourself running into problems, you can always ask for advice from your fellow TRT members or email us at and the team will help you out in no time!

TRT Method is run by a young and energetic team (that of course includes Tristan 😉) who constantly strive to be better. We’re always working on adding new content or upgrading the videos we have and this content is freely and directly available to all members of TRT Method.

If there’s anything you’d like to see, whether that’s a video on a certain topic or something technical in the community, feel free to forward the idea to us at and we’ll take it along in our Improvement Sprint!

While we highly recommend joining in on the community, it’s of course not mandatory! The videos are always accessible, regardless of your activity in the community, meaning that you can stay anonymous and watch the content. If at any point you do feel like joining in, that’s always possible too!

While the videos aren’t directly castable, you can simply cast your phone or laptop screen to your TV and the videos should play there!

More on the pricing

Check the Special Offer for the current pricing or send us an email at! 

Absolutely! We understand that it can be challenging to keep a monthly payment running at times, so we offer the opportunity to freeze your payment plan with us for up to three months. In those three months you will not be billed, but your access to the videos will be temporarily revoked. The payments will start up automatically after the freezing period has passed and we’ll send you an email to let you know you can watch the videos again.


We’d love to have you back! If you’ve previously had an account with TRT Method and want to start back up, we recommend you to email us at so we can ensure your account is put back on the right email address and you can pick up exactly where you left off. We’ll also be able to look into your previous payments and see what we can do for you.

We get that starting an online training is a big step! We offer a 90-day warranty on both of our offers. If you paid for access in one-time, you’ll get a full refund if you cancel within this period. If you paid for access in 12 monthly instalments, we’ll annul any future payments, but can’t refund any previously paid months. Please note that if this 90-day warranty has passed, it’s no longer possible to cancel the monthly instalments and we’d ask you to finish your payment plan up to the last month.

Of course! With the 7-day trial you can try out the online training for free, with no strings attached. The trial starts as soon as you sign up and lasts for a week. You’ll get access to our three core modules with the groundwork patterns, the use of tools, and building the bridge to riding. You’ll also get access to the active community with many other TRT Method members with who you can ask questions to or share experiences with.

It’s important to note that the trial cancels automatically, so you don’t have to worry about cancelling on time!

If, for some reason, something came up that limited your access to the training, feel free to contact us at and we’ll help you find a suitable solution!