Pick the training tools you need, no more, no less.

TRT Reduce Tension Course

If your horse struggles with tension and spookiness, then this course is the one for you.

TRT Young Horses Course

Learn everything you need to know about your young horse, from foal to first ride under saddle.

TRT Schooling Course

The perfect course for you if you want to teach your horse new things, from the piaffe to the bow.

TRT Preparing the Perfect Pony Course

Give your child the pony of their dreams with my new course and prevent unwanted or even dangerous situations.

Or try one of our mini-courses:

TRT Master your Mindset Course

Find out what your horse needs from your mindset to feel confident and relaxed

TRT Off The Horse Riding Course

This course trains you for the perfect body language in the saddle.

…or get the entire TRT Method in a package deal! ūüĎá

Full TRT Method

The complete package includes all courses and much more, giving you all the tools you need.

Questions? We're here to answer them.

Let me help you! We’ll answer the following questions.

Schooling Course: Do you want to teach your new things, either dressage movements or fun exercises? 

Reduce Tension Course: Do you want your horse to feel confident and relaxed in any situation, either because he’s stressed or because you want to prevent stressful situations from occurring?

Young Horses Course: Do you want to give your young horse the best stress-free start to life and get him started under saddle yourself?

If you’ve answered one of those questions with yes, it’s best to get the singular package. If you’ve answered two or more of those questions with yes we recommend the full TRT course, as it will be cheaper in a package deal.¬†

Regardless of the course you pick, you will get one year access. This membership is not automatically renewed, so no worires about paying more than you intend. After your one year access is over, we’ll email you with a fitting offer. ūüôā

These are the modules you’ll get with each course:

Schooling Course

  • ¬†Piaffe
  • ¬†Flying change
  • ¬†Double lunge
  • ¬†The bow
  • ¬†Lifting front legs
  • ¬†The climbing wall
  • ¬†Going on the magical way
  • ¬†Free conversation
  • ¬†Connective energy

Reduce Tension Course

  • ¬†Foundation modules: Groundwork, Tools, Riding
  • ¬†Off The Horse
  • ¬†Trailer loading
  • ¬†Compete stress-free
  • ¬†Horse shyness
  • ¬†Separation anxiety
  • ¬†Leading to the field
  • ¬†Clipping
  • ¬†Going in and out of the stable

Young Horses Course

  • ¬†Starting a young horse
  • ¬†Foal handling

Full TRT Method

  • ¬†Schooling Course
  • ¬†Reduce Tension Course
  • ¬†Young Horses Course
  • ¬†Types of Horses Course
  • ¬†Case Studies