How to lead any horse safely?

What do you do when you’re leading your horse to the field and he has a lot of energy?

It’s a situation I’m sure we can all identify with. And I received a question from a young lady about this particular topic. 

She’d sent in a video where she was trying to lead her horse to the field and it turned out it looked more like he was leading her to the field. Of course she didn’t set out to do the wrong thing, but the way she went about it created alot of tension in the horse and caused him to take over the situation.

What was creating the main cause of insecurity between horse and human was that she was trying to manage the horse instead of showing the horse how to manage himself.

Something I see happening a lot and I totally get it. But there’s a different way you can approach this. 

This is not only helpful for your own horses, but also if you have to put horses in and out of the field for others. For instance at a livery stable where the horses may be very fresh or not so well mannered. 

How can you deal with this in a safe and productive way that also teaches the horses to improve their own self management?