TRT Podcast Episode #11

Q&A with Tristan Tucker: This is my BIGGEST FEAR when working with horses

To tell you the truth fear has been my most valuable ingredient in becoming more experienced with horses in many aspects and for many reasons.

''Learn how you can use your fear''

Learning to use your fear as a positive driving for in your progress can be your ultimate superpower in overcoming any challenge you may face.

I hope this episode helps some of you who may lack confidence and need to hear that everybody experiences it in some form or another, and it is truly a necessary emotion in order to grow with great satisfaction.

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No more Spooking and Tension under saddle

4 Responses

  1. Hi Tristan,

    Thank you for this wonderful podcast. I have been a member from TRT for quit some time and at one point I was very active doing all the challenges and even won one with my gorgeous young horse “City”. Unfortunately beginning this year City passed away, he broke his pedal bone in the field which meant there was no way back. It broke my heart and still does, and made me very insecure for a long time thinking did I do the right things with him, what if what if.. he was very sharp and nervous and I was very inexperienced with such a young horse. I did all the ground work with him from TRT. But when I came to breaking him I was frightened to do this alone him being him. He was broken the traditional way by me together with a professional. But we found out he had ulcers which stopped everything for months and then when he was almost healed and he was out in the field he had the accident 😥. I always wondered if I had continued with the TRT starting a young horse under saddle methode of it would have been different would he had been less stressed in the field less scared for the pony that made him run and break his foot? I feel like you in your podcast I was too insecure, unsure at those times and scared in a way for what would happen if I did get on by myself that I chickend out. I did wanted to call it a day the whole horsey thing but luckily I didn’t. One of my other dear horses is now in foal and a ”little” newby (17.2hh 🙈) who was given to me had made pull trough and carry on. I miss City every day and learned so much from him, and I take that with me every day!
    I just to let you know that you are a major inspiration and that I love you honestly! We need more people Of you in the world!!!
    I can’t wait to start again with the little foal on the way!

    Thank you!

    Ps when are you coming to the UK?


  2. Great podcast episode Tristan.
    I think there are a lot of us out there that needed to hear this message. So many of us have been at the “crossroads”, some of us more than once, and it is good to hear that an inspirational trainer such as yourself has been there too!
    Thank you so much for the time you give to us all in spreading your knowledge. It is very much appreciated.

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